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Over the years I have tired to force myself to write more, but I often found the process to be long and annoying. I would write a post (or micro-post) then have compile the blog, which required me update Ruby, figure out why middleman was screaming at me, and then commit all the changes. So no more of that!

Welcome to the updated blog! Okay, yeah, it looks the same (minus the name change), but behind the scenes the technology has changed. I’ve moved off of Middleman and onto Jekyll. I decided to migrate to Jekyll so I can write from anywhere and have GitHub compile the blog for me. That’s right! GitHub will compile a Jekyll site automatically after changing content, as long as it’s on GitHub Pages. I’m hoping this new technology and setup allow me to blog easier, which allows me to blog more often.

I’m also in the process of moving my personal website,, away from static HTML. I’ve tried aligning my blog more with my domain address, but I have been unable to get the CNAME record to work correctly with Hover. If you have any guidance to make point to via CNAME record and changing the setup in the GitHub repo, leave me a comment below!

Also, keep an eye out for more content on cool things (and not so cool things) I’m doing lately; everything from React testing to SPAs on IIS.