What's Open

What's Open is a crowd-sourced business hours app for use especially after natural disasters.

After Hurricane Irma in 2017, businesses enacted special hours due to supply shortages, employee availability, and curfews. These hours were not reflected on major platsforms such as Yelp and Google, and is the reason for What's Open.

What's Open is a passion project conceived and built by me. The design is work of John Wilson. This project is near to my heart because I was first handedly affected by a natural disaster.

What's Open is an Expo/React Native app supported by a GraphQL API that stitches together a local database and Yelp API for locating and returning details about businesses.

Tech used:

- Expo/React Native
- Apollo Client
- Apollo Server
- Yelp GraphQL API

This project is not completed, but is being developed in the open at