Welcome to the Blog

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I have made a resolution to start writing more and one way to do that is to write about something I enjoy doing, development. I've been developing for so long that I figure there must be some person new to the scene that wouldn't mind reading and learning more about my weekly happenings.

I started toying on the Internet back in the days of Geocities (Oh My!) and never stopped after that. The rush I get from producing something and working tirelessly on it till it's 'pixel perfect' keeps me going.

I am 23 (nearly 24 years old) from Alabama, somewhere you wouldn't expect people to even know how to use a computer. I have a degree in graphic design with a hybrid contract minor in web architecture. What is "web architecture"? My response to going to a traditional college that has no web development/design courses. I combined 12 hours of Computer Science classes (C++, Java, Objective-C) with 12 hours of independent studies (learned Ruby, built website's for clients) and created my own contract minor. It was way too much fun!

I now work at Viva Health as a web applications developer being the only front-end developer. I learn new things every day and thought it would be great to share my experiences with those that may run into the same problems as me.

Hope you enjoy!